Why did I link that?

Why did I link that? Well, here's a previous conversation I (as MaulingMonkey) have had on the subject:

[07:21] <Scarecrow> What is mipmap level? >.>
[07:21] <MaulingMonkey> Scarecrow: A specific resolution of a mipmap.
[07:21] <MaulingMonkey> Do you know what mipmaps are?
[07:21] <Scarecrow> MaulingMonkey: Err… No?
[07:21] <alamed> I dont know <rise hand>
[07:21] <MaulingMonkey> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mipmap
[07:21] <alamed> …
[07:22] <alamed> you couldnt just say it in a line or 2 ?!
[07:22] <Scarecrow> MaulingMonkey: Thanks.
[07:22] <MaulingMonkey> alamed: Wikipedia says it in a line or 2.
[07:22] <MaulingMonkey> It also has a visual aid to get the point across.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> So, I mean, I could say a line or two. That might content you.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> OTOH you could've been like TELL ME MOAR
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> In which case, well, I now have to link something ON TOP OF that.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> Or explain it.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> Which is just like…
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> no.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> My time is precious.
[07:23] <MaulingMonkey> :D

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