Why do I hate you?

Why you think I hate you, and why I really do

It is of no small note that I have been repeatedly accused of various crimes against humanity. I am an asshole, a jerk, unhelpful, and perhaps even Cthullhu's older brother. Many cringe at my presense, lobbing these insults and barbs, yet missing out all too often on the question. The important question. The question is why. I have an agenda. I have a motive, a path, a reason for doing what I do. It is not an entirely self motivated one either - I sincerely believe I do it for the good of humanity, or at least the local community in which the debate takes place.

I do not hate you because you're new…
I hate you because you need to learn to learn

One of the biggest reasons people come to the false conclusion that I hate them because they're new is because they need to learn how to learn. Problem solving isn't about asking X what the answer to Y is - that's getting someone else to do the problem solving for you. You don't ask what 4*6 is to learn multiplication. Instead, one uses a multiplication table or calculator (using tools to solve your problems), or one focuses on the pattern - that 4*6 is equivilant to 6+6+6+6, and using your pre-existing knowledge of addition to solve it. Both will tell you at the end of the day what 4*6 is, but only one will teach you multiplication.

Taken to programming, this means reading documentation and following steps. It means adapting tutorials and understanding what each line does rather than asking what line to modify. Taken a step further, it means learning to use a search engine to find the documentation in the first place - learning how to learn new languages and APIs, instead of requiring someone else to help you find a tutorial specifically for python or OpenGL, which gets really annoying when the umpteenth million person enters a chat room asking the same question, the answers to which could have easily been found with the use of the search feature.

Learning is hard. It should be hard. If it's not hard, It's unlikely you're really learning much (or anything at all)! Self-teaching is one of the most important skills you can have as a programmer, for you'll constantly be learning about new technologies, languages, and interfaces.

I do not hate you because English isn't your native tounge…
I hate you because you don't seem to be making an effort to learn it on an English board

Nobody speaks perfect English, and I myself am no exception. Spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes are pointed out to me from time to time, and I welcome these corrections as opportunities to refine my use of the language. Using the language as intended helps ensure clear communication, avoiding ambiguity of meaning. Taking insult at and ignoring corrections means you hold yourself to a lower standard than I do myself in terms of effort — and, given that I'm already adept at the language, if anything it should be the other way around. I find it insulting that you hold my time in such low regard that you would make no effort to waste as little of it as possible on trying to decipher what the hell you're saying.

I do not hate you because you're using the wrong tool…
I hate you because you're trying to fix the symptom instead of the root problem

If I'm criticising your choice of tool, it's because I percieve it to be a part of the root problem of whatever you're experiencing. Using the wrong tool for the wrong job is nothing short of masochistic, and I probably consider it a waste of your time, my time, and the channel's time to encourage.