Series 1 Lesson Plan


1.1: Implementing a Greeter

  • Covers standard library console input and output
  • Introduces functions — main, greet
  • Introduces types — std::string
  • Introduces variables — name
  • Introduces classes — Greeter
  • Introduces refactoring


1.1: Implementing a Greeter

Create main()

Explain the concept of a function
Explain the concept of a type
Explain main's oddities - function signature and implicit return.

Build and run first program (does nothing).

Super high-level synopsis — "Code => [Build Process] => Runnable Executable"
VS2005 Shortcuts:
Ctrl+Shift+B — Build
F5 — Run (with debugging and immediate window close)
CTRL+F5 — Run (without debugging, keeps window open)

Write hello world.

std, cout, endl — "Standard Library", "Console Out", "End Line"
Quotes for strings, and backslashes.
Your first error, and what it means.
#include <iostream> — a word on <iostream.h> and old resources.

Write hello ${name}.

string — a way to store names.
cin and getline.