[21:31] <Promit> "My final argument is regarding evolution. People say that the above happened due to a process called evolution. Well if I take an apple, set it down, will it begin to evolve and after billions of years, become a galaxy? No. Evolution does not start automatically. It is impossible for something to be created from nothing; something has to be created from something. There are only two reasonable choices left: physical matter ex
[21:31] <Promit> isted forever, or something non-physical that created matter existed forever. "
[21:32] <Nev> why an apple?
[21:32] <MaulingMonkey> Apple got worms.
[21:32] <MaulingMonkey> Duh.
[21:32] <MaulingMonkey> How do you think Dune got it's?
[21:32] <Nev> …i thought you were making some sort of wormhole allusions
[21:32] <MaulingMonkey> Spontaneous apple-genesis.
[21:33] <Nev> …it's all clear now
[21:33] <Nev> wormholes are just bites out of the COSMIC APPLE