While the author strives to mantain a somewhat neutral point of view (in places), the articles contianed within also contain a healthy dose of opinion, cynicism, and seething hatred* as deemed appropriate!

The author is not a doctor, therapist, or other medical professional, and makes no guarantees that seething hatred is ever in fact actually appropriate!

The above statements were disclaimers!

*Note: Most references to me hating specific people are of a sardonic nature — I don't really hate you, you just irritate the shit out of me. That said, there are exceptions, and while this sometimes applies to concepts and the like, I'm much more likely to be serious in those cases. Treat my statements matter-of-factly at your own risk!


General Programming

Programming Patterns — Building blocks of mantainable code

Programming Counter-Patterns — Alternatives to percieved-to-be necessary evils

Programming Anti-Patterns — Evils to be avoided

Programming Languages

Game Theory